Friday, March 23, 2007

Mixed start to the day!

While returning after swimming, somebody hitched a ride on my bike. He actually did a short walk-run thing to get to my bike.
"So where are you coming from this early in the morning??"
It was around 0715 hrs. Me: "After my regular early morning swim."
"Where exactly is this pool??"
"Opposite to the Ohri's Banjara restaurant. Dolphin Swimming pool."
"Oh! Did not know that there was pool there. And where are you going??"
"Home. Road 10."
"Jaira Nagar."
"Yeah. Nearby!"
By this time we had reached a junction.
"Could you drop me here."
I stop the bike.
"Thanks BOSS!!!"
Long live AP Police.

After this encounter, I recalled the others that I have had with the police after having moved to Hyderabad. All have been nice so to say. There have been times when they have let go even when the fault was completely mine, not without a stern warning.


"We like to come to work everyday. Do you??"

That's the catchline on a big hoarding on my way to office, replete with the smiling face of a female model. Oh, so not-so-inviting invitation.

Could not find the same on the website, otherwise would have posted it. The company : ADP