Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Could You Pass 8th Grade Science?

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I scored a B+ :(
And my parents thought I was good at science and therefore good enough to become an engineer.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do I Drive Rashly??

Couple of weeks back I met with a road accident and am still nursing a broken bone in the left forearm. Due to this I took to working out of home. In the meanwhile people in office and elsewhere took the liberty to discuss my driving skills. So when I met them now they first sympathized and then mentioned that somebody had told them that I drive rashly (some out of being politically correct moderated it to drive fast). On this note, I wanted to clarify this to all and sundry including myself:

  1. When I take a risk, i.e. drive rashly, I accept that at some point I might fail. Yet with every failure of mine I increase my knowledge and experience. So the next time I fail I fail at a higher level. In fact the level at which I fail is higher than the level that most people would like to call success. Most people would rather play it safe and then cry why they are not successful.
  2. When I carry the burden of somebody else who does not put his/her trust in me, I drive carefully because if you cannot trust me then you don't enjoy my company and I care two hoots about yours.
This post has been written by the use of the fingers of the right hand only. and it takes some effort to do that.