Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am ready to learn again

Since sometime the comments section on my blog was disabled. While the exact reason cannot be ascertained, it bears mention that I was going through a phase wherein I did not want to learn from you! I was going through a phase where I was trying to learn by reading more than from discussion.

Well it has been somewhat fruitful, as might have been visible somewhat from my intermittent posts. I have been following the most fanciful of all material things: the Sensex from the Bombay Stock Exchange. While I don't profess to know even 10%, I am good enough to find that wealth creation is about changing your lifestyle and mindset, the latter more so than anything else.

Besides that there was the internal battle within self about migrating to foreign lands. And it was not all about the lure of the green lucre. I gradually have discovered that in the enterprise application space I am more interested in the business part than the actual technology implementation. While I can and will write code when required, I somehow cannot see myself doing just that. I have come to realize that it cannot be done staying away from the center of action. So am currently biding my time and building intrinsic value.

This blog of mine will now tend towards my materialistic trials and tribulations. Hopefully the philosophy will remain same.
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