Sunday, February 25, 2007

Do You Drink??

Sometime after I goto sleep on Saturday night:

I get up a bit drowsy, open the door to find a flatmate of mine asking to come in. The look on his face was shy(?),... intriguing to say the least. That sleep filled mind chased away any thoughts of rational logical thinking to conclude or ask questions about his whereabouts.
Within seconds, I was in the aagosh(hug) of nidra-devi(the goddess of sleep, don't ask me who...)


G (my flatmate): "I have a banging head hangover!"
Me : "There's some scotch in my cupboard. 2 pegs and everything will be alright."
G (ignoring my valuable suggestion): "Ohk! I really want this to get over."
Me : "Shell out some buck man! We'll walk down to Barista and order a large Espresso."
G (now looking at me, exasperated, $#@*): "... I am in no state to move out of the house... "
Me : "Go take a cold water bath. Have some food. Go back to sleep."

Finding this more reasonable, G does as instructed.

Some hours later:

G : "Can you drop me to ...(someplace) ??"
Me : "Why?? What happened to your bike?? "
G : "Left it there."
Me : "How do you mean, left it there?? So who dropped you home?? And what time did you come in??"
G (a bit sheepishly): "Around 4 in the morning. Actually our company MD had thrown a party and I got drunk a bit... (looking at me)... ok... somewhat over... ok ok... I properly puked..."
Me : "In your company MD's bash??"
G : "Yeah! See, I actually had some vodka to start with, but then I found that the wine tasted good so tasted some of it... but then somebody found that the whiskey was better, so I kind of verified it. And things got a bit out of hand... People kinda helped me back to home."
Me : "Wow! and you were complaining/ touting that you never lost your senses, never puked... blah! blah! blah!"

Anyways, why I wanted to bring this up is that many a times when I initially started drinking I had this same problem but have overcome it since sometime ago. Simple things matter actually.
  • Eat before or when you are drinking, not after. Food slows the absorption of alcohol
  • Drink lots of water. The body gets dehydrated when you are drinking for sometime.
  • Have a glass of water before going to bed after a drinking session.
  • Don't sleep soon as the booze runs out. Besides missing the fun, hangover is given if sleep takes you.
  • Avoid the cheaper varieties of alcohol. Besides lowering the over all experience of the evening, it leads to worse hangovers.
  • And the best for the last : STOP DRINKING. There are other things to get high on!!!