Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam n Ethipothala Falls

It had been ages since I went out of town on a pleasure trip of any kind. So the law of averages took over and I landed up in the midst of a relaxing day out with friends.

The ferry which ferried us to the museum situated on the island.

This formation looked a formidable presence on the way to the museum.

Just beside the landing of the island on which the museum was situated, this above water channel looked like something out of the Discovery channel programs on wildlife flora and fauna in dense African Jungles.

Not too much of a garden flowers fan, yet I find this pretty beautiful.

And finally the much talked about Nagarjuna Konda museum. We were not allowed to click pictures inside so had to be content with this picture. The museum contains depictions of the evolution of man since the stone age, as found from the Nagarjuna Konda valley area nearby.

This man was ready to give us a ride on his small coracle like boat, before the guard came and shooed him away. It was interesting to watch him pull his boat using two ropes tied from end to end. Some skill.

The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. You can find a better picture here. It is the world's tallest masonry dam and is built on the Krishna River.

Various views of the Ethipothala falls. It is not big by the standards on which a fall might be judged. But when you are standing 50ft away from it, it really is big.

A downstream view of the same Ethipothala falls. I don't about others, but every time I get to get into water, there is this bliss that descends on me. As if all the worries of the world have been washed away by the flowing water and life is to be lived anew devoid of all burdens.

The above pics are high resolution and you may download them for your own use.
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annie said...

Looks like lotta fun u had…nice

Suchintya said...

You betcha!

especially the falls and standing in the water downstream... :)

Raga said...

Cool man.. me too been there last week..Best part is i went on my bike.. it was fantastic experience..

Suchintya said...

shucks man! next time you plan to go out on a bike, call me!

Ujjwal said...


Gaurav said...

Neo U have enjoyed a lot in ur trip

Suchintya said...

thanks, I did do that.

but you seem to have vanished off the face of this earth!!!