Friday, February 23, 2007


Why did I move my blog here??? Since I was making a new beginning anyways, so thought might as well shed as much baggage as possible. Simple, ain't it!

Well there are a few other things, besides those that I mentioned in Metamorphosis. Essentially more realization. I think I am antithetical to blogging as such. According to Google, the word blog means an online diary of thoughts and ideas and lotsa bitching about the world in general and people in particular.

But with my recent status of having become free from such human emotions, I am experiencing a more general wave of life passing over me with not much pondering and much less philosophizing, something that I was given to a lot. These days it's more of hearing, reading, absorbing what pearls of wit and wisdom that the most uncouth and unlearned might have to disburse.

Ergo, the endless hours spent on the internet, blogs, news, other social bookmarking sites, wiki's especially wikipedia. So this blog will become more of an information site for myself and those voyeurs interested in what helps in cooking my thought.
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