Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am disgusted

... by the way certain people down the ladder behave, just when they know that the person up the ladder who is feeding the whole chain is not watching.

There is a driveway around my block of office buildings, albeit within the boundary of it enclosure. Essentially when you are crossing it, you might find oncoming vehicles wherein you either stop and let the vehicles pass, or you sort-of hurry on before the vehicle reaches you.

The other day I was walking behind a threesome, whom I did not know. These people were regular people wearing as they were a white shirt and blue colored trousers, with the customary identification tag around their necks. Just as we were about to cross the driveway, a four-wheeler was so near us that had it been me, I would have allowed the vehicle to pass before proceeding. This smart ass of the group of three had the audacity to do this. He put out his hand, the one that was holding the cigarette, to indicate that the vehicle must stop and just stood there on the pathway. The driver of the vehicle did stop. And then he did an action like an arm extension and the tilted head, much like the protagonist in a movie would do to prove his superiority in some scene. "Hey shit! Stay down! Dare you to raise your eyes to meet mine!" And then these three calmly walked across the pathway, laughing and joking. I pity the driver who must have had to grit his teeth to maintain his calm.

Why am I particularly peeved?? Well, had it been his manager's car, I am very sure he would have bowed and let the car pass before attempting a stunt like that. What is it that allows you to behave in a certain way in some circumstances with a certain set of people and do something else in the same situation but with a different set of people?? Does not the other same set have the same dignity??

I think, that Munnabhai said thing very succinctly in the movie, Lage Raho Munnabhai:
"Take note of how the person treats another who is below to him in the social(monetary) status. It will tell you the real value of the person." Well said! Kudos to that!

But then why am I even bothered?? Let the inertia take over.