Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Saw a couple of posts on this photograph. While the photograph in itself is very heart rending, the manner in which these posts have been written is pathetic. Yes the photo can spoil anyone's morning cuppa. Yes the more emotional / sensitive ones may break down and shed tears. Yes, it would lead the realist, or the more socially concerned, to shramdaan in some form or other.


  1. It is a very deplorable way to gather reader comments on your blog, and then keep on harping on the discussion that started from it. What that photo above shows is malnutrition in a child from Uganda. The contrast shown is very descriptive. Why don't you verify what you are posting your blog. I don't give sh** when you post personal stuff, but I get pissed when you take liberty to say things about world affair when you don't know facts. THAT PHOTOGRAPH WAS THE WORLD PRESS PHOTO IN 1980 ! Question: Was the blogger born then?? Atleast one of them wasn't for sure. Please verify stuff like that, atleast quote your source.

  2. I browse through thousands of photographs (and other media) over the net and download as and when I please. Even the context of the usage is my own. But when it clearly says that the photo(or media) should not be copied, but you want to use it desperately, why don't you link to it. Without such respect, you go on about alleviating the miseries of the world. You talk about doing your part, helping to raise awareness. READ THE FINE PRINT, PLEASE.

  3. Another question: When was the last time that you actually saw such misery with your own pretty eyes?? Additionally, When is the next time you will actually do so. Yes you are concerned about world nutrition and diet I am sure. But do you realize that it is totally outside your domain. If you are so concerned, why not try to publicize such people/ organizations doing the actual ground work?? You sit in the comfort of your armchair and meditate upon such affairs, as if your thoughts will bring comfort to the downtrodden, without the slightest hint of people actually concerned about it. PLEASE REFRAIN!!
To link to the particular post is to subscribe to their view. I refrain. I know I am not capable of actually doing such work as is being by a few. Reasons are aplenty - starting with not enough time on hand, lots of traveling, more fun, reading, and generally activities which I like doing because they bring me joy and sometimes bliss. Yes, I am selfish and self-centered. I do stuff like this, only because I end up gaining something out of it. Maybe someday our paths will cross.

At the least I know my limits and contribute where I want to. I take pride in what I do. Do you??

Update: Thanks to i-man for pointing out that the link to the pic does not work. What you will need to do is goto world press photo, and there click on since 1955 (last line on the middle panel). A small album of photographs open. I am referring to the one labeled 1980.