Thursday, April 12, 2007


... that the inertia is finally taking over. I have a dozen posts lying my list that I started but never finished with only one reason: why??

Living the proper lackadaisical life of a IT worker. Even the physical activity of swimming is becoming half-hearted. And there's a bit of work overload. Combined with a heavy dose of the idiot box at night, I am settling down. The restlessness is cooling. I have given up questioning for the time being. No new knowledge gleaned from the vast intricacies of life and various teachings. I am near the I don't care syndrome. This especially when there people in my age group worried about their career, academics, nationalism, reservations and the universe that revolves around them, about who noticed them.

Methinks this blog will remain suspended for some time to come as will all other activities apart from those required for the most basic survival. Oh, obviously there are levels of survival that you are ready to accept. These levels are mine.

By the way, thanks to those readers who have pointed out that I have not updated my blog for sometime now. Now you know the reason.