Saturday, August 11, 2007

My journey through the blogworld

As you might have guessed by this time that I keep reading a lot of blogs, or at the least have subscribed to a lot of them and read those that interest me most. There are a few categories under which those blog feeds can be grouped.
  • Personal - This is the largest category I think in which people tend to discuss their personal dilemma, their hopes and aspirations, their lament and love. A couple of them are of brilliant expressive writing and I love to read them (i.e. whenever the author's grace this online world with their talents!). Most of them are from people I know personally.
  • Financial Markets - These are content based blogs, where there is good and bad advice on which stock, mutual fund or bond investment to bet on. Some of them give a very good overall picture and some tend to lean towards one or the other.
  • Personal Finance - Most of such blogs are American, very few from people in India. Well, I think if the consumerism in India keeps rising the way it is doing, it won't be far when we are also discussing issues like which debt to pay off first based on the cost of the debt, and what strategy to follow to do that. (But then there are people like me who can benefit by investing in companies involved in such operations!
  • Professional Domain and Work - These are mostly blogs on SCM, and/or blogs on my current area of technical work. Heavy duty stuff, not all of which makes sense and on which I break my head to understand.
  • Miscellaneous - General advice on career, life and related news.
Well, some blogs are a mishmash of things. Others portray a multitude of events on a single theme - this is what I like best. Being able to hold onto a philosophy in all walks of life, in all day-to-day activities. In all this meandering, I also leave comments on posts for discussions' sake and have managed to ruffle some feathers. There are yet others who find my posts and my comments interesting enough that I have to invited to private blogs and have readers writing to me through email, although that number is not very high

Anyways, what I wanted to do post a list of links to the good posts from what I have read over the last week. The recommendations are purely from my personal opinion. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy it!
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