Monday, August 06, 2007

The Science behind Astrology

As happens when old school classmates meet, there was lot of discussion today between three of us going back to school days on lots of topics, ranging from the usual how-to-convince-the-parents of the wanting-to-be-significant-other to how boring/exciting our life has become depending on perspectives to which course of work/study to pursue to the science behind astrology.

Some interesting observations from the conversation:
  • Each human being is born at a different moment. Now from one moment to other the entropy of the universe changes, hence affects the life of the individual born at that moment. For example, the word lunatic has its root in lunar which means the moon. And as is obvious, the closer the moon to the earth during your birth the greater the chances that you are going to be loony.
  • The only science behind astrology is statistics. All that the so called astrologers have done is charted the sky formation of a select few heavenly bodies whose relative motion through the sky are repetitive over a certain period of time. And every time somebody asks for advice all they do is pullout their voluminous books, read up the charts and spill out the readings.
One thing I do concede to is that astrology does point out the potentiality but the actuality is unknown even to the sooth sayers. For some that may be blasphemy, but I do believe that nobody can predict their own future for the next second, leave alone tell about the life happenings of the other.

An interesting side event that happened as if to prove just the point.

As the three of us were walking back to my place, an Indica taxi braked pretty hard and sudden to avoid a huge crater in the main road. Most probably the driver was new to the route and did not know the presence of the crater before hand. Well, what followed next was the most comical thing to happen. A Scorpio which was behind the Indica also braked hard and missed scratching the Indica's bumper by less than a whisker. But the Scorpio behind the first one braked also braked hard but managed to kiss the Scorpio in front, and that too pretty hard. And as if on cue a Maruti Esteem behind the second Scorpio banged into it very hard with the loudest "noise". The headlights broke and went strewing all over the place, the hood on the engine was ripped open and the front grill I am sure must have been smashed to a pulp.

While all this went on, the front car driver quietly turned his car and went along his way merrily. By the time the shock of the crash could wear off of the other three car drivers, the first car was no where to be seen. And you should have seen the look of shock and disbelief in the eyes of the last car driver. It was very obvious from his face that there could not have been a greater unrealistic event unfolding in front of his own eyes of which he was a part.

What I want to point out is who could have predicted this fateful crash beforehand. The last car owner would have to shell out more than Rs. 50,000 definitely. And that is a huge expense. I don't want anybody to predict the actual loss of the money but just the fact that you might be involved in such a situation.
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