Thursday, August 02, 2007


Yesterday I gave a dinner treat to my roommates at Indijoe (City Center) and here are the contents of the bill for your leisurely perusal. Drool over it if you will !!!

Kahuna Seafood Cocktail - exotic dressing seafood served cold
Kung Pao Chicken Sizzler - tasted really good
Lobster - 2 lobster pieces served on sizzler
GRLD King Fish Steak On A Sizzler - along with rice, amazing to taste
VAT 69 - 4 small ones
Pineapple Sunshine - my roomies don't drink on a weekday or otherwise
Non Veg Platter - a smattering of chicken starters

And all this for just Rs. 2360. While not exactly cheap, I would say pretty decent for the fare that was served. Recommended for good food.

Out of all the items listed what I later resented spending on was the VAT 69. The problem was I was the only one who had that and that too 4 small ones at a total cost of Rs. 160. So at Rs. 640 it amounts to more than 27% of the bill. On the other hand I could have easily bought a full bottle of the good stuff at Rs. 860 (less than Rs. 900). Loss of good money and loss of good alcohol. I am so taken by the whole dining-out experience, that I tend to splurge on the few occasions that I actually do that. But most of the time it is sponsored by the company. Thank God for small mercies.

I have a small aim in life: Dine at the best restaurant in Paris. The full 17 course French classical menu. The whole dining experience, where you don't need to call on the waiter to be served the next course. Ahhh!!! I am getting high on the fantasy. The middle class Indian, who has heard and read lots but has experienced hardly anything. And aspires to the best!
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