Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Roundup

This past week has been interesting in terms of the blog world, with me reading and subscribing to a lot of blogs. Some posts have been pretty interesting.

Is it trick or treat : The Economic Times' detailed analysis reveals that there may be greater cause for concern than reasons to celebrate in the current stock market volatility in the Indian markets.

Biofuel brews up higher German beer prices : Bad news for the beer lovers. If that is the case, then it won't be far when the rippling effect reaches us. But then I am ready to pay more for a cleaner environment.

"Our most valuable resource is our... ": How to make employees believe in a slogan : Somebody believes what we have been hankering about for so long. That an employee is not just a resource, but can contribute in a more meaningful and efficient manner to an organization.

Should you invest in dividend paying mutual funds? : Readers of this blog would be aware of my bias towards growth oriented mutual funds. This article also clears up additional points.

Indian markets and the global crisis : A humorous and very balanced take on the kind of effect the subprime mortgage issue might have on Indian markets.

Top 10 Wealth Building Ways of Ordinary People : Well, I am firmly in the second part and am aiming for the first part of the topic. Interesting to note that these ways are not very out of the world. Just requires some hard work.

12 Ways to stop the telemarketers (sure shot ways to ensure you are not called again!) : A hilarious take !

The newest feather in Jumbo's cap : This roundup would have been incomplete without mention of Anil Kumble's century against England in the 3rd test at Oval.
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