Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to India's newest, secret state

Welcome to India's newest, secret state- Hindustan Times

I regularly read the blog Antidote by Sauvik Chakraverti. Its inspiring and pedantic. Blasts the floor out of so called development and inclusive growth that our elected representatives keep harping about. Some of the most awesome stuff and best Libertarian Opinion that I have found in India.

In his post for today, he points out the article above. It sets me to think, if the Naxals have realized that the way to entrench themselves in the mind of the junta is to go about building infrastructure rapidly then why doesn't our mighty The State realize this. Or is it just that nobody wants to realize this. And from the HT article again, if they are contemplating doing this as an honest low-cost job, then why does it take the government so long to plan and execute such infrastructure projects ??

As Sauvik points out in his various posts, our The State is higher and holier than thou. Its so far up there that it will never understand the problems that we the common man have. And isn't that true ? How can somebody sitting in Delhi realize that a common man in Bangalore Rural is probably dead because of a badly built road and open manholes. I like to believe that these things are best left to the local government, like BBMP. And have localites as officials in these bodies who when forced to travel through such roads on a daily office will sit up and take notice. Or am I dreaming !
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